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Have you ever wondered how the place where you live might affect your social life?

Well, ask no more. Data from the dating website Badoo has named Coventry as the best place in the UK for singles to be in 2016. Closely followed by Hull and Sunderland, Coventry was able to beat off competition from perhaps more predictable adversaries like London, Cardiff and Leeds to claim the title.

Badoo was able to provide suitable data to complement the figures collected by the Office for National Statistics. Together, the research was able to show that there was some 32 million singles currently living in the UK, which is equal to around 51% of the total population.

However, the data also drove down to discover regional variations that were often surprising to the casual reader. One of the key findings was that at 49% of the total population, Coventry is home to the highest proportion of singles currently found anywhere in the UK. According to Badoo, these individuals also enjoy the highest profile views and the most messages received of any of its users living elsewhere in the country.

Although it is the most populous city in the UK by far, London also contains the lowest proportion of singletons to be found in any of the areas included by Badoo. At just 31% of the total population, these individuals have a real challenge on their hands to get a date for the weekend.

All of this suggests that of all the singles living in the UK today, those living in Coventry stand the best chance of securing themselves a date…

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