Fewer than half of all UK adults satisfied with their sex lives

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21st September 2015
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A recent survey by the relationship charity Relate has uncovered a startling attitude towards sex by many in the UK. Drawing on research undertaken in collaboration with the relationship support service Marriage Care and Relationships Scotland, Relate found that fewer than half of all UK adults are truly satisfied with their sex lives, whilst even more respondents admitted to not having sex at all in the past month.

The research, which will be published in full at the end of September, is based around a YouGov study of over 6000 participants, all of whom were adults residing in the UK. Of the 6000 people who were surveyed, only 45% agreed that they were “fairly satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the state of their sex lives, and respondents gave a variety of reasons for this under condition of anonymity.

One subject that people kept returning to time and time again was that many people so felt under pressure to perform that it robbed the moment of any fun or spontaneity, with some people so fearful of this that they were avoiding sex altogether. Many respondents felt that this pressure made them overlook or dismiss all that was good about their sex lives.

Commenting on the study, Relate recommended that individuals and couples take more time to notice what is working and try to communicate more to meet expectations. Often, the simple act of communicating with your partner can help you find out what makes each other tick and help you get back that feeling of spontaneity and adventure.

Of course, it’s always a good thing to embrace new opportunities and experiences, and this could be the key to achieving a more fulfilling sex life. Remember that it’s never too late to turn your situation around and with Elegant Escort Agency you always have the opportunity to meet new people and put that sense of fun, spontaneity and adventure back in your life…

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