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18th May 2015
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21st July 2015
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Earlier this year, released their “Destination Romance Report” detailing the best and worst cities to go to in the UK for some romance and intimacy. Some 18% of participants listed London as their number one choice (although strangely enough 7% of people put London last) whilst last year’s winner, the Lake District, polled second with 15% of the vote.

More surprising, however, was the verdict at the other end of the scale, as Leicester was placed as the fifth least romantic city in the UK, behind Hull, Birmingham, London and Blackpool. Elegant Escort Agency were as surprised as anyone when the results of the survey were announced, as our escorts in Leicester never fail to find surroundings that inspire.

We believe that the town is best viewed from the perspective of a tourist – that way you don’t take it for granted, and never fail to find a new and distinctive place to make your own. With this mentality, it is easy to see the city as a destination full of distinctive history, diverse cultural landmarks and yes, a little bit of romance added in.

You can start to properly explore the town by taking a walk with your partner and seeing if you can find some of the more iconic and historic buildings to be found. You will quickly realise that Leicester is actually one of the oldest cities in the UK, with a history dating back to Roman times, when the town was known as Ratae Corieltauvorum. Places such as the Jewry Wall, the 1’200 year old St Nicholas’s Church and Belgrave Hall will give you a real insight into the passage of time here.

Of course, Leicester is not all about the past; there are plenty of vibrant and romantic places to go to in the present, perfect for that first date experience or just getting to know someone a little better. Pubs, Bars and Clubs are here in plentiful number, and of course one of Leicester’s top class restaurants can be the best place to strike up a conversation. At Elegant Escort Agency our escorts in Leicester know some great places to grab a bite to eat and talk the night away.

One of the most talked about aspects of the city is its outstanding multiculturalism and diversity, and this is perhaps best reflected by the number and scope of fine dining and eateries. As well as the famous Golden Mile along Belgrave Road, our escorts in Leicester can help you choose from a range cuisine that covers Italian, Latin American and French styles, as well of course as traditional British food. Clearly, lack of options here is not a hindrance to a romantic and intimate evening.

If you are struggling for ideas and inspiration, why not let one of our escorts in Leicester point you in the right direction?

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