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3rd September 2015
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24th September 2015
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At Elegant Escort Agency we appreciate the many people who simply do not have the time to conduct a relationship outside of their busy working life, and often suffer from a lack of real emotional intimacy as a result.

As one of Leicester’s leading escort agencies, it was only natural that we took great interest in a recent survey conducted by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) which showed some revealing information about one of the more personal aspects of the workplace – office romance. Of the 1005 people – both men and women – who participated in the survey, 41% revealed that they had engaged in a workplace romance at some point in their career.

As well as this, the results threw up other statistics of interest, for example:

  • 37% of respondents had found themselves attracted to a colleague at work, and went on subsequently to form a relationship with that person
  • Of these people, 27% had gone on to marry or enter into a civil partnership with their colleague
  • 32% of those who participants had enjoyed what was described as a “brief fling” with a co-worker
  • And just 1 in 10 people claimed that their relationship had contributed towards a negative atmosphere in the workplace

These statistics shed a revealing light on the number of people who look for comfort and support from amongst the people they share the most time with everyday, and suggest that office and workplace romance is far more common than was previously thought. We’ve seen how important it is to seek some solace from the hectic 9-5 routine, and this pattern of workplace behaviour could be an important part of that human process.

Do You Miss That Emotional Connection In Your Week?

Perhaps the most surprising statistic of the lot, however, was the 60% of employers were fine with their employees engaging in a workplace relationship, which suggests that if there is that special someone that you are looking at from across the room, there’s a lot less to risk that you may think by going for it.

If you ever feel that you need some warmth, intimacy and compassion, or that that personal, intimate relationship is missing from your week, remember that Elegant Escort Agency is happy to arrange for some intelligent, engaging and entertaining company to make you forget all your troubles.

Our escorts in Leicester, Birmingham and across the Midlands are available whenever you need us for an evening or date night out or even a quiet evening spent at home.

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