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18th November 2015
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With the festive season now upon us many people may be feeling a little less inhibited, a little more relaxed and much more inclined to having some fun, and you are not alone. A recent survey of some 2000 people by Anne Summers has revealed just how much fun many of us get up to over the Christmas period, finding that 54% of respondents kissed a co-worker and 39% had gone the distance during the office Christmas Party.

And it’s not only the junior members of the office that are engaging in some after hours work. The survey found that 65% of senior managers had engaged in a little office romance at Christmas time, compared to only 28% of directors and 26% of junior staff members. Clearly, seniority does not get in the way of the festive spirit…

Listed by sector, the most likely employees to have engaged in some office romance with a colleague were:

  1. IT (76%)
  2. Legal (74%)
  3. HR (72%)
  4. Transport and Logistics (72%)
  5. Finance (71%)
  6. Media and Marketing (68%)
  7. Sales (67%)
  8. Business Administration (57%)
  9. Health (52%)
  10. Education (45%)

The study also found some particularly revealing locations of where the act took place. The most common reported places for some festive fun included:

  1. Car Park (25%)
  2. Boardroom (21%)
  3. Storage Room (18%)
  4. The Boss’s Office (16%)
  5. On Your Desk (15%)

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