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Elegant Escort Agency is always on the lookout for telling insights into how people behave and related to each other – it’s what makes us one of the best escort agencies in Leicester and elsewhere, and we often learn a great deal about people just from looking around us.

The Irish Times has recently published the results of a survey that they carried out on some 12’000 participants, both male and female, in order to determine patterns sexual behaviour in Ireland today. The results gave both surprising and telling insights in a number of ways, and pointed to the need for better communication in the bedroom in order to have a healthy and satisfying sex life.

Whilst 7% of participants had not had sex at all in the past year, some 44% of sexually active participants claimed to be having sex at least once a week, and this included some 14% of people who were sexually active at least three times per week,  putting them into a happy minority.

Ground Breaking Survey

These results took in a great range of factors, and delving into the statistics that the Irish Times have produced can reveal yet more telling insights into how people behave in the bedroom.

For example, the survey showed that sexual activity at least once a week fell the longer a couple was together – three quarters of respondents in relationships of six months or less responded positively to this question, however that number fell to 60% for those together for two to seven years and 41% for those who had been in a relationship for between seven and 15 years.

The most sexually active age group fell into the 25-34 year old category, going against the long-held belief that for many people, youth was their most production period of their lives.

Important to Relate

At Elegant Escort Agency, what we felt was striking by its absence from these statistics was the lack of focus on the emotional intimacy that people enjoy in a relationship – many participants noted that as time went on, they were less and less capable of maintaining that strong link with their partner. In our experience, maintaining that strong level of communication, and picking up new skills along the way, is vital to keeping and growing that connection that exists between people.

Whatever makes you feel comfortable and secure is the most important thing, and what our escorts in Leicester and the Midlands offer more than anything else is that level of companionship, intimacy and friendship that may be missing from your life.

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