10th October 2015

Birmingham: A Tourist’s Guide

For fun, relaxation and adventure, many places in the world spring to mind. For many people, however, the city of Birmingham is very often one of […]
24th September 2015

Fewer than half of all UK adults satisfied with their sex lives

A recent survey by the relationship charity Relate has uncovered a startling attitude towards sex by many in the UK. Drawing on research undertaken in collaboration […]
21st September 2015

ILM release Workplace Romance Survey

At Elegant Escort Agency we appreciate the many people who simply do not have the time to conduct a relationship outside of their busy working life, […]
3rd September 2015

Elegant Escort Agency’s Guide to Birmingham

As home to over one million people, Britain’s second city is a centre of diversity and culture that offers any tourist a real treat. Our escorts […]
22nd July 2015

Irish Times Sex Survey Provides Telling Insights

Elegant Escort Agency is always on the lookout for telling insights into how people behave and related to each other – it’s what makes us one […]
21st July 2015

Things to do this Summer in Leicester

With July here and the summer finally upon us, people can start looking forward to a summer programme in Leicester packed with festivals, shows and more, […]
20th May 2015 ranks Leicester 5th in UK report

Earlier this year, released their “Destination Romance Report” detailing the best and worst cities to go to in the UK for some romance and intimacy. […]
18th May 2015

Check out the City Of A Thousand Trades

As the second city of the UK, Birmingham City Centre is a hive of activity at any time of the day, but none more so than […]
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